The Waverley Trail continues to be supported with donations large and
small, from individuals and business active in the Waverley neighborhood.

Friends of the Waverley Trail to can contribute to the effort through our
“buy-a-brick” program. For a contribution of $75 or more, the
contributor can have a brick, embossed with the name of their choice,
placed in the paved area surrounding the central Waverley Trail kiosk
near the flagpole in Waverley Square.

It’s a great way to add your own name to the list of the project’s
generous contributors, or to honor someone you love.  For more
information, please contact Jim Levitt or Adam Tocci at the contact
points listed below.

Jim Levitt, Chair, Waverley Trail Advisory Group
PO Box 79218, Waverley, MA 02479
Work: 617-489-7800

Adam Tocci, Vice Chair, Waverley Trail Advisory Grp.
c/o Waverly Landscaping, Inc.
1010 Pleasant Street, Belmont, MA 02478
Work: 617-484-3360, ext. 122